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Monday, January 26, 2015

Sick as a dog...just saying

So glad I'm not sick as a cat.  Who knows what that would be like.

And I'm grateful for friends who have sent healing energies my way.  I have to laugh at one friend who says she wants me to have such good healing that I'll feel better than I did before I got sick. 

I don't post that much about my ailments...which seem to come on more and more often with the years.  So perhaps I do post a lot about them.  But, tee hee, there's still the delete button.

Do you journal?  I have for years...though there are big gaps.  And do you happen to use any divination aids?  Divine guidance through cards, pendulums, books, or whatever?

I do Tarot cards.  They give me insights into what my psyche is needing to hear about...or as Jung would say, my unconscious is talking to my conscious personality.  Whatever.  These little ideas that are flung out on the table relate to me enough that I can remember them throughout the day or week...and perhaps guide my actions accordingly.  I don't believe they tell the future.  I often don't even have a question to pose to the cards.  I just like having a different view of things pointed out to me.

So while I'm recuperating, I'll probably have a chance to do a spread.  I use the Motherpeace deck, and use the Celtic least I think that's what it's called.  If I'm in a rush, I sometimes just do one card for each direction.

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